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Dear Gordon

I am delighted to be able to inform you that following the consistently high level of quality ratings received on your Quality Questionnaire returns during 2010, you have been awarded the Guild's Annual Certification of Excellence (ACE) for customer satisfaction.

We extend our congratulations to you and your staff on your hard work and commitment and wish you continued success throughout 2011.

Yours sincerely,

The National Guild Of Removers & Storers Ltd

December 2010

What a month for us but it is a Record Turnover, we have moved 192 customers this month and were only closed one day due to the snow, we delivered 566 sofas for DFS. Our teams have worked very hard this month and have been working seven days a week to catch up with the demand, well done to all.

January is a busy month with overflow removals from December, be advised to book early when you have a confirmed moving date.

We had our works night out on the 28th December. It was a really great night had by all, you can see all of the pictures on our Facebook page.

Manager Of The Year: JEREMY

Jeremy opened our office in Benfleet, this was completely from scratch and has built a good reputation with turnover far greater than projected. We always receive great feedback from all his customers, well done.

Employee of the Year: MATT

Matt started with us right from the beginning, he is a master of dismantling and reassemble of furniture, and trains all new staff for our DFS contracts. Everyone wants to work with Matt as he is a grafter. Matt was unable to attend our staff night out due to man flu, but i will make this up to him when he is better.

Special award: Brian

Brian, not only did he complete all his daily moves, did the most drops for DFS, plus he went and helped out other teams who had major delays for keys so they could finish quicker. The customer comments are a very high standard throughout.

Office Employee of the year: KELLY

Due to the company growing so , I am not the best organised when it comes to admin, her input in the running of the office day to day has had a positive effect in all areas of the business.

All employees are stars and would like to thank everyone for their hard work and making this a record year in such hard times in this recession. We have moved 1467 customers this year, plus this does not include DFS Derby, Nottingham, Matlock and Basildon, which we are their main contractor for customer deliveries due to our high standards.

Most of all our customers for choosing All Moves, a Big thank you from us all.

We would like to thank some people who help us keep our business going

HCR Commercials for the excellent turn around on repairs to our Lorries.

Highland Print for prompt printing service. for updating, advice, and hosting our website, as well as keeping us updated on search engine changes

G S Signs for promptly sign writing all our new Lorries and their help with design.

Simpkins and Ickes and Simpsons for making sure we get our packing materials in time.


BUSY - 0
TOTAL - 280

November 2010

Well, sorry this is late, the weather has delayed everything.

We have had a record November, coming second in remover of the month by the Guilds (link attached below). If we succeed in December, yet another excellence award will be on its way, this is all down to your feedback and my teams great customer service.

As you can see below, we have answered 100% of all inbound calls, no answering machines when you phone us.


BUSY - 0
TOTAL - 361


BUSY - 0
TOTAL - 435

Again as you can see, 100% on all calls answered from our office team. Well done, hat-trick.

November till Xmas eve is a very busy time, as everyone wants to be in their new home by Xmas.

All the staff are working really hard now the dark nights are in, this does make our moves take a little longer, we do try and get all our customers settled in as early as we can depending on release of keys. With our prices you have peace of mind that when it is time to pay, there are no hidden extras.

Welcome to Stuart, he has joined us from a competitor due to no work, but he is now busy working with our teams every day.

Don't get stung

If you are moving weekends our prices are the same seven days a week, as many companies try and charge more.


We are checked yearly by the Guilds, on standards, vehicles insurance, and overall running of the business, if you do not pass these you cannot be a member, many competitors out there cannot pass the above so unable to join. Plus all of our staff attend courses with the Guilds for packing, loading, and health and safety, plus most importantly, customer care.


Please see the below message from the Guild Of Removers

Dear Member

I am delighted to announce that the October 2010 'Remover of the Month' results have now been collated and the top 10 listing has now been added to the Guild website.

The latest listing can be viewed by visiting the 'Quality Monitoring Scheme' section of the Guild website which can be found via the following link

Well done to All Moves Uk Ltd for coming first for October

We wish all members continued success in the November award.

Keep up the good work!

Yours sincerely

Jon Martin

September 2010

For some reason October is very busy, so be advised to still get your removal booked in once you have a date.

We achieved second place for September remover of the month with the National Guild of removers. We are always in the top three every month; this is all down to you filling our questionnaire cards that are sent directly to the Guilds.

If you are moving abroad please remember the shipping lanes slow down from September till May. This limits availability on space for booking, please get booked in so we can do the logistics for your items to arrive on time.

All staff for our company work directly for us, we do not use agencies, and therefore you get skill trained staff on every move.

We have just done a move for Martin Rose who is one of the management team for the Guilds of Removers. He was over the moon with our service, and proud to have us as a member and carry the flag for professional service.

CALLS FOR ALL MOVES UK - September 2010

BUSY - 0
TOTAL - 431

August 2010

Not much to say this month, it has been so busy with moves and enquiries we have not had time for our news page.

As you can see from chart below, we had 565 enquiries from 0800 number and our office team had a 100% answer rate, not one number was unanswered. We try and achieve the best customer service even in the busiest period, well done team excellent, what a result.

Some feedback from customers, that communication is poor from solicitors; keep on their case you are paying them for their services.

Record month, this has been amazing even beat last December which has held all time record month, all the teams are working seven days a week and looking forward to mid October when it slows down.

We have bought two new removal wagons and are having a specialised body built which caters for pianos which should arrive around 14th of September, pictures will be updated for customers to see.

This is a stressful time for customers who have had delays on their moves, as they are hoping to move before new schools start, please, once you have a date for your move, get booked in, we have 180 customers on file who want to use us, awaiting dates.

Kelly is now full time in the office due to demand, she will deal with all phone enquiries and help answer any questions you may have.

Due to freak rain our office was flooded, so we have had new pc systems and servers installed. We now have the new Windows Office format, if you cannot open any files we send, just let us know and we will send them in the right format for your pc.


BUSY - 0
TOTAL - 565

July 2010

Excellence awards: as you can see, Gordon is holding both awards for 2 years on the run with pride. He would like to say a big thank you to all customers that helped us win these awards by filling in our questionnaire cards, plus a big thank you to Damian and Jeremy for all their hard work doing visits and making sure all our teams are equipped on the move days, Laura and Kelly for running the office so efficiently, and all our boys that are doing all the hard work on our moves day to day, we are having a big BBQ soon for all of us to get together as we don't see each other often.

We are getting really busy now the summer moves are coming in.

If you can remember Foxes Glazier mints, this is the original polar bear used for the adverts, this is only 1 of 5 that are stuffed in the world, and we have stored this for six years while our customer travelled the world.

We are just arranging for all our team members to go on a two day course, this is a advance packing training, we are already masters of this art but all the new lads will benefit from this course.

There are many sole traders in the removals trade now, make sure they have the experience to do your move and the correct insurance as price is not the issue when moving your belongings. By being a member of the Guilds, we as a removal company have to keep standards very high at all times, and this does not mean our charges are high, as we are very competitive in the market.

When looking for a removal company

Check the testimonials, how old are they & could they have done them? As you see from our website we have a testimonials and questionnaire page, these are filled in by our customers at the end of their move and updated every month so you always see most recent feedback.

June 2010

Allmoves UK have won the Guild award Double bubble, two years on the running. Copy of letter below:-

I am delighted to be able to inform you that following the consistently high level of quality ratings on your Quality Questionnaire returns received 2009-2010, you have been awarded the Guild "Excellence Award" for customer satisfaction yet again brilliant.

Keep up the good work!

Kind regards,


Guild of Removers

Well this is the big bang to the summer, removal enquiries have trebled.

Points for customers

Remember your solicitor works for you, if he/she is not doing you a favour, tell him what dates you want.

Once you have a date that all your house chain has agreed, get a removal company booked. Don't leave this too late as you will not get a reputable company, we fill up very fast and demand is high till the end of September.

Again record month on house removals, busy relocating many doctors around the country and student moves have been very busy, house removals a record high.

Top remover again for June with the Guilds of Removers.

Laura and Damian spent a day with Martin Rose from the Guilds on a customer care course and updates for removals companies, as we strive to keep ahead of our competitors.

May 2010

Happy Birthday to Carl, don't get too drunk at the weekend!

We are the remover of the month with the Guilds of Removers, click on link below.

The May listing can be viewed by visiting the 'Quality Monitoring Scheme' section of the Guild website which can be found via the following link.

The Guilds have received 613 questionnaire cards since January; all good and excellent, see our updated ones on our questionnaire page.

To all customers, this is the start of the very busy period up to end of September. Once you have your date book yourselves in. We are already 30% booked for July and we have only just started June.

Packing service is now getting very popular, please remember

April 2010

Well it was Gordon's birthday in April as you can see the lads bought him a special cup below.

Gordon is now 47 years old, he worked for Timpson for many years in different levels of management and training, he has been awarded many awards for customer service and sales.

He gained all top skills in everything he took on; he has always strived to be the best in whatever he was doing at the time. He is now on crutches after catching his son on a climbing frame at Drayton Manor, he only picked up his new car on the Friday and now cannot drive it!

He has gained distinction in many fields, from customer service to IT skills, he has always tried to be two steps ahead in the industry, always looking out for what will improve our service in protecting customers goods, which is our top priority.

He has a photographic memory, he can read anything and remember it all, and this is why he is top of his field.

Customer service is always top priority to Gordon and all his team know and understand how important this is in any business you are in today.

Gordon's lifestyle is family, he spends all of his spare time, which is very little, with his wife and children; he does try to play golf once a week if he gets the chance!

Well it is back to normal averaging 45 house moves per week. All our teams have been on a course for packing as this is getting to be a big part of the business with more customers not having the time to do this a due to work commitments, this is why we have introduced the four packing service levels to help you choose what is best for you.

Transworld move to Australia went smoothly; always use a remover as this will get you through the red tape at customs.

Just bought yet another lorry which is now all sign written and out working.

Welcome to Tony and Callum that have joined our team, we wish you all the best in your roles. Callum used to work delivering furniture for Ikea so he has a good knowledge of the removal business. Tony has worked for a smaller company now joining us passing his skills to us and us to him.

Essex removals now going strong, we are getting plenty of enquiries now and keeping Jeremy busy running round.

March 2010

We would like to welcome Laura to the All Moves team. Laura will be Gordon's personal assistant and will help in the day to day running of the business.

With many years experience in customer service, Laura will be a great asset to the company.

Most unusual move this month

There were no unusual jobs this month, but the busy period is back!!

We have moved an amazing 137 customers this month.

Still no calls for what division the All Moves 5 A Side team is in? Looks like you're going to have to take up badminton lads!!

New to All Moves.

We have had special edition toy lorries made, as we are getting asked a lot if we stock any. These are only for sale to our customers we move, they are not for sale to the general public.

Price £4.99 plus P&P.

We have a Facebook account All Moves Nottingham removals.. have a look

Plus You Tube

Guilds of Removers

This year we have continuously been in the top three removers for the months of January, February and March. Well done team, keep this up, very proud of you all. I will be taking you all on a well deserved night out very soon!

Our goal this year is to achieve the excellence award from the Guilds again as we are settings higher standards for our competitors.

February 2010

Turnover was up on last January well done team, questionnaire cards are flying in and we are well on the way to winning this year's excellence award from the Guilds.

Congratulations to Ash for passing his theory test for his driving licence.

Tom, we wish you all the best in your new house.

Andy now has his new green monster on the road (watch out).

Most awkward move this month, we had to bring a bed out of a third floor window, done with success.

Well the third visit to the removers exhibition, didn't come back with many new ideas this time. We seem to have all the equipment needed.

All Moves Five A Side team started last month, very close game losing 24 -1. Close game for the first minute, this was to assess what division they will be put in and there has been no phone call??? Try tennis lads.

Office in Essex has now had their first month and started with a bang. Well done Jez keep it up.

I am now looking for new lorries to increase our fleet in order to meet demand, we should have these by May.

Main problem with moves is delays for monies being transferred on the day in chain sales. It is about time this was in place the day before the move, as this would be a lot less stressful for our customers. This is why our price structure works so well.


We would like to welcome Craig joining our team in Leicester we wish you all the best in your new role.

Most unusual move this month :

40,000 pairs of shoes to be shipped to third world.

We have just secured the contract with DFS Basildon, we now serve four stores including Nottingham Derby and Leicester.

We have a facebook account All Moves Nottingham removals, check us out by clicking on the link below.


Due to high demand, Allmoves UK have now opened a new office in Benfleet, Essex. We will be covering all removal services throughout Essex and the South. Jeremy Smith is the manager and estimator for the Essex area and we wish him all the best. Plus Essex new staff, Steven Dennis and Douglas, welcome to our family


We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the Excellence award from the Guild of Removers 2009. We would like to thank all of our customers for all of your continuous positive feedback and will continue to provide a first class service in 2010.

Our goal this year is to achieve the excellence award from the Guilds again as we are settings higher standards for our competitors.

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