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Merry Xmas and Happy New Year from all staff at All Moves UK

Good news, we came top for the remover of the month with the Guilds of Removers so it is looking good for the 2011 A.C.E. award, plus thanks to you all, we are now the highest awarded company in Nottingham Derby and Leicester by the Guilds of Removers for high quality customer service, this is all down to your feed back, again thank you.

  • Leicester’s busiest area of the month was Wigston
  • Nottingham busiest area of the month Beeston
  • Derby busiest area of the month Mickleover

Below are the latest members passing their health and safety, Doug and Brian, and Brian our Manager for passing his vehicle and safety.

Brian Doug

As you can see from the images below, we have been taking storage staff out for meals all through December as a thank you for their help in promoting us to all their customers. Hope they all enjoyed the nights out, as a result my waist has grown, all I need is a white beard and i have a new job, Ho Ho Ho! Sorry we do not pictures of Storage King night out as did not have the camera with me.

Storage King - Andy and Johny

Jonny Andy

Big Yellow- From the left, Jo, Adrian, Ed, Jim and Kellie with me taking picture. The mojito bill was more than the food!

Big Yellow Storage

We would like to say Good Luck to Ed on his new position @ the new Big Yellow of the Old Kent Road London and welcome to Jim in Nottingham who is replacing him.

We would like to thank all of our customers we have served this year, below is a little breakdown as to what we have done.

We have moved 1700 customers this year big and small thank you to all. We have used 25,000 boxes, 2200 metres of bubble 440 reams of tissue and 100s of Tape.


We would like to thank the people that help us tick; NGRS Jon and Martin for their help and guidance, HCR Commercials for keeping our vehicles on the road, Getyouonline Michelle and Paul for updating our website and keeping us updated on new technology, all of our friends at their storage facilities for their custom over the last year.

And of course...

Debbie and Kellie for suffering me every day, and all our boys working so hard on the field that helped us achieve all the awards we have received every year.

For a recession we have survived very well, we have achieved this by offering the highest customer service from our teams in the office, to our crews out on the field, this could not be have done without them, plus offering competitive prices for all sizes of removals.

Our plans for next year are to survive the recession and hopefully increase our fleet, this will be done if demand is there and hopefully it will.

Calls For All Moves UK - December 2011

November 2011 News

This has been a very good month; we are as we speak 47% booked up for December so it is going to be a BIG ONE.

Well done teams

Again we were in the top 5 removers for October, only two months to go, if we succeed we will win another excellence award for customer service which makes 5 awards back to back and in line for A.C.E. remover of year the 2011 to go with last years, watch this space.

Gordon was at the Telford National Exhibition Centre for two days, he was helping support the National Guilds of removers in promoting the services to the industry. This went really well over two days and he is now thinking of giving his services one day a week to help improve their member base.  There are over 2500 removal companies in the UK and only a third are members of an affiliation or have passed the criteria which is massive; he thinks this is good for the customer that they are in safe hands as their remover is monitored on their quality of service if they are a member.

Gordon was asked to go on a debate on day two regarding “why be a member of the GUILDS or the BAR”. This went so well several Companies followed Gordon back to the stand to sign up.;

Telford National Exhibition Centre Telford National Exhibition Centre Telford National Exhibition Centre Telford National Exhibition Centre Telford National Exhibition Centre

As you can see below, this is how good our office team have been answering your calls over October, well done team you are the best.


Update - Red Hill FC, our team we sponsor in the league

They are now 5th in the league in their first season as a men’s league, after winning 4.0 against D H Simpson FC at the weekend, Young Joe has now been picked and is playing for Notts County academy, well done and all the best for the future, all your team will miss you.

October 2011 News

What a fantastic month, a record October, hopefully November will be the same.

Warning Customers

It has come to my attention from our customers that there are many websites popping up offering removal services, either with PO box address’s or no address at all, plus some are advertising under a few addresses. Please be aware as if you did have a problem you have no correct address to follow up. By picking a member of the Guilds of Removers or Bar, you are assured you are in very safe hands.

Once again we are in the top three for remover of the month with the Guilds for September, click on the link below...

Well on target for hopefully another award for exceptional customer service.

As you can see, we have had some of our wagons cleaned and organised ready for winter as shown in photos below...

Allmoves UK Allmoves UK Allmoves UK Allmoves UK Allmoves UK

Our new wagon, the Red Baron, pictured below...

The Red Baron The Red Baron

Well done to David, Paul, Vincent, Phil and Wayne for passing their Health and Safety and vehicle maintenance exams, pictures below with their certificates….

Allmoves UK Allmoves UK Allmoves UK Allmoves UK Allmoves UK

This is another thank you card from a satisfied customer Gill

Allmoves UK Allmoves UK

Allmoves UK

September 2011 News

Brilliant Month

We have great news that we were once again the number one remover for August with the Guilds. If we keep this up until the end of the year we should be in line for the 2011 A.C.E award, well done to all our teams, hopefully it will be the same for September.

As you can see below this was the original Polar Bear from the Foxes Glazier Mint advert. Roger who owns the bear, asked us to store it whilst he travelled the world, well 7 years to be exact. Since the radio interview people have asked to see it, so we promised to put it on our monthly news.

All Moves Polar Bear

This has been a very demanding time; all of our teams have been flat out, October is already looking steady which is usually a slow month.

Coming soon ……

All of our staff are attending Health and Safety courses and working their way to their certificates, on passing their photo will be on our monthly news of them being presented with their pass certificate by Gordon.

Well three matches into the season and Red Hill F C we sponsor have had a mixed start; they have all now been explained the ball is round!  Plus due to delays, Sunday 2nd October was the first time they had their new kit, they won 7-1 With Harry Georgiou scoring a massive 5 and Jack Johnson and Ashley Beasworth scoring one each. We will keep you updated as the season progresses as Debbie goes to watch all the matches, plus you can see pictures below of the kit Debbie presented on behalf of the company and some pictures of the big win.

Red Hill FC - All Moves UK Red Hill FC - All Moves UKRed Hill FC - All Moves UK Red Hill FC - All Moves UK

Well done to Harry as he won man of the Match

Well we have acquired another lorry and tried a different colour, this is all red and just come back from sign writers, this now gives us the largest fleet in the area.

We are now the highest award winning company in the midlands winning over 6 awards in the past two years, for high quality customer service.


BUSY - 0
TOTAL - 445

All Moves UK - August Graph

August News

Well it’s been a fantastic month, August has yet again been a record month for removals and September is looking the same way, book early once you have your date of your house move.
Our wagons have just been cleaned, so no flies remaining from the summer driving!

House Removals Nottingham Removals Nottingham Office Removals Nottingham

Removals NottinghamOffice Removals Nottingham

Well the remover's road show will soon be at Telford exhibition centre. Gordon is there two days helping to promote the Guilds of Removers.

Well it's this time of year and Gordon is now looking to buy two new wagons to add to the fleet; this will make us the largest removal company fleet in the midlands.

1st of September Gordon was asked by Andy Whittaker to come in and do a live interview on his show BBC Radio Nottingham.  Please click on the link below to listen to the interview on our video gallery, also on our You Tube site.

Click Here To Listen To Our Live BBC Radio Nottingham Interview With Andy Whittaker
The office has been so busy; we would like to thank Debbie and Kellie for suffering me through a very busy period, and to all our teams who are working very hard in the field.

Our Brian is of for 8 weeks now with a knee operation, you will be missed by all matey, we will be counting down the days until you are back.

July News

Please see below images of All Moves UK Ltd moving the only Chi Chi Rocking Piano in the world. With our expertise in piano removals, we were the only company prepared to move this unique, one of a kind piano. The piano is now located in the Hopkinson's Gallery Nottingham where visitors are welcome to go and view it.

Removals Nottingham

Well it’s been a very busy time for house and office removals, be advised to book your move very early for August and September, as everyone is in a panic to be in place for new schools. This has been a record month for packing 4,000 removal boxes, 19 tissue, 27 bubble, and 200 tape used.

As you can see below, Martin from the Guilds of Removers Awarding All Moves with 2011 excellence award for outstanding customer feedback for quality customer service.

A survey has been carried out and proved that people still use Yellow pages and trust companies that are advertised with them; feedback was that anyone can have a website; customers look for recent testimonials also which very few companies provide.

On our website we update monthly with current testimonials and customer reply cards, plus all of our pages are updated with the latest removal news for you and your peace of mind

Please follow us on facebook and click like on our home page link.

Removal Areas Of The Month

Nottingham West Bridgford

Leicester Wigston

Derby Mickleover


BUSY - 0
TOTAL - 375

May & June 2011 - Busy Months

We are once again top remover for the months of May and June with the guilds; hopefully we will win the excellence award for the first half of 2011.

Due to overflow from April, May and June have been demanding months. Our removal teams are all set and ready, as this is the busy period till the end of September.

Now is the time everyone wants to relocate for new jobs, schools, hospitals, and universities.

The record areas for removals throughout May and June were:

Nottingham - West Bridgford

Derby - Littleover

Leicester - Wigston

As you can see our testimonials and quality questionnaire pages are updated monthly, please read for peace of mind.

Please follow us on Facebook where we regularly add photos and updates. Our website is also updated monthly so our testimonials are up to date, as well as new customer reply cards added from the Guild when we receive them back. Remember to always use a Guild of Removers Member, this is not just a club you join, we are regulated and inspected every year, this way our standards meet the highest in the industry.


BUSY - 0
TOTAL - 387

April 2011 - Record month

Again we have come top as remover of the month for March 2011 click on link below which will take you to the Guilds of Removers site.

Again the only removals company in the midlands to be in the top ten

Thanks to the Royal wedding this month, this has been so demanding as many customer wanting to move but short month as two bank holidays, this has now made May very demanding due to overflow of customers that could not move in tight time scale.

Be advised to book early in May as this is the start of the very busy period up to end of September.

My team of Managers and myself are very busy with visiting customers now, so if you wish for a visit give us a call and Debbie or Kelly will arrange this for you.

Welcome to Debbie, she has had many years experience in customer service and accounts, due to the growth of our company Debbie will be running day to day enquiries and customer care back up.

As you can see below our standards on phone enquiries are high 100% answered all enquiries for March. We have several lines so there is always someone to help.

Storage this time of year is demanding so if you require this get in touch and we can arrange for you in advance.

As you can see our testimonials and questionnaire page is updated monthly please read for peace of mind.

Please follow us on Face Book and our website is updated every month so you know our testimonial are updated and customer reply cards from the Guild are updated when we receive them back, Remember to always use a Guild of Removers Member this is not just a club you join we are regulated and inspected every year, this way our standards meet the highest in the industry.


BUSY - 0
TOTAL - 326

February and March 2011

We came second in the top ten of removers from the guilds for February. Please see link below.

Plus in En-route magazine shows all the Guild Members that have been awarded the A.C.E award for 2011, as you can see we are the only company in the midlands to be awarded.

We have been so busy with meetings and getting ready for April, as this is the start of the busy removal period until the end of September.

Due to our high standards, we are now the contactors for DFS Derby, Matlock, Nottingham and Leicester.

Plus we have secured a new contract with KDS

What to watch for when choosing your remover.

Check their credentials, if they are a Member of the Guilds or the Bar, as some do say they are but are sadly not.

Check how recent their testimonials are, as you can see we have a testimonials page, plus our questionnaire cards page which all customers fill in and send to the Guild Of Removers for monitoring. These are updated every month for you to view.

Are they insured?

If the removal company is not vat registered, this means they only average 1.5 moves a week. Are they skilled in their trade or running a genuine business.

Choosing a sole trader is very risky. You have no protection if things go wrong, choose a member of the Guilds or the Bar.

Do they have specialized covers for moving your furniture?



It has come to our attention most Fridge freezer and American style fridge freezers are very high gloss. Although we bubble protect for extra protection, we have now found a supplier in US that makes specialized covers so all our vehicles as from April have now got these for your removal, plus all the other covers which you can view on our video gallery, we are the only company to offer all full protection, some competitors have some but not all.



Gordon works very close with the guilds and we will be there for the two days to help promote the Guilds to new members that pass the criteria for membership, as he feels this is the best association for removers based in the UK

January 2011

Very good start to the year, we have moved more customers than last January.

There are major changes coming soon, our website will have a video page, these films are in process at the moment but should be live soon. We are trying to give our customers peace of mind on what we turn up with on the day of your move, as well as Gordon explaining our services to you.

You can look at some of our videos in process on our You Tube link below; some are going back for re-editing. 

We did it again! We were top remover for December with the Guilds of Remover, link below.

We have some photos below showing previous customers from January. If you wish to see more please look at our facebook page as this is updated daily.

We are now members of National Guilds of Craftsman; the application for which was passed with flying colours.

Due to expansion, we are extending our offices to accommodate demand so you might see new faces on our “about us†page soon, we like to do this as our customers can see the person they are dealing.

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Customer Reviews

Mr Farnie

Everything was completed in a timely manner. Allmoves UK are very friendly and patient even though I forgot 50% of our belongings. They gave me that reminder.

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Excellent service. Communication was spot on throughout the whole removal - even sorted out the plumbing on the day.

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Mr Warnes

It has been really excellent. The guys are really nice people. There was no damage and they wouldn't allow me to lift a finger. Thank you very much.

Skegness Read More


Allmoves were realy helpful and useful, were here early in the morning to move our belongings and even helped with re-assembly.

Nottingham Read More
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